I seem to be one of those people that mosquitos love. No matter what repellant I use I still get bitten. At least with Bite Helper I can get rid of the itch.

Nancy, Truckee, CA

I have always had mosquito’s bites and they irritate me so badly to where I would scratch off my skin. I tried it for 30 seconds and the itch was instantly gone. I can’t wait to use it in Alabama in the summer with family and friends when we are all itching uncontrollably.

Carlotta, Atlanta, GA

Being outside all day by the lake was so tiring yesterday. By the time I went back home I started scratching my arms and legs like crazy! I then noticed a had several mosquito bites, yuck! So I decided to try Bite Helper. I was kinda apprehensive at first but then I was like, let’s go for it!’ I applied Bite Helper to the first mosquito bite, not really knowing what to expect. After about 40 seconds I removed it. My bite had gotten smaller and most importantly immediately stopped the itchiness and irritation. Next, I applied Bite Helper to all the other affected areas and was super relieved!!! Thank you Bite Helper.

Faytima, Atlanta, GA

As an outdoor enthusiast I have dealt with insect bites for as long as I can remember. They can be particularly dangerous when I travel abroad and mosquitos carry potentially dangerous viruses. You often don’t feel the bite as it happens but are left with a painful itchy blister that just won’t go away. I have tried just about everything to help combat the problem from messy sprays to toxic Deet containing products. I got bit anyway and so did my child. That’s why I was very excited to hear about the new innovative technology in BiteHelper. It’s a small handheld unit that I can take along with me anywhere I go. It treats the skin after an insect bite or a sting. Less than a minute is all it took to get rid of all the itch from those pesky mosquitos.

Paul Merson, Nanuet, NY

Bite Helper really does eliminate the itch after you heat up the bite.

Lilly Z., New York City, NY

I have used this new technology on my entire family and it has worked for everyone. This is a must have tool for everyone in the summer and anyone who lives in the south or in rural areas year around

J.P. Hervis, Florida

I keep Bite Helper in my purse. I won’t be without it!

Erin, Seattle, WA

Bite Helper really comes in handy when we’re outdoors. I don’t know how it works, I’m just glad it does.

Phil, St. Paul, MN

Bite Helper means we can enjoy our patio all summer long.

Chuck and Sandy, Waukesha, WI