Postpone or Move Rio Olympics because of Zika Crisis

More than 100 leading scientists are calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to revise its guidelines on Zika because of its link to serious birth defects. In an open letter to the WHO the scientists advised that the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro be moved or postponed because of the Zika outbreak in Brazil.

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The letter is signed by 125 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists from such institutions as Oxford University and Harvard and Yale universities in the United States.

They cite the failure of a mosquito-eradication program in Brazil, and the country's "weakened" health system as reasons to postpone or move the Olympics in "the name of public health".

"An unnecessary risk is posed when 500,000 foreign tourists from all countries attend the Games, potentially acquire that strain, and return home to places where it can become endemic," the letter says.

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