New Strategy to Kill Mosquitoes that Spread Zika:
National Public Radio reports that mosquito control teams are killing the mosquitoes that spread Zika in the water during their early development, before they are able to fly.

"You want to get them in the water before they're flying," explains Gary Cardini, who supervises the field team for Hudson County Mosquito Control. "In the water, they're captive. You know where they are."

States like New York and New Jersey have used pesticides for years to deal with the West Nile virus. But now they're facing Zika — a virus carried by a different kind of mosquito. That's forcing public health officials to rethink how to reduce mosquito populations.

"One of the most important strategies is to never fall behind when trying to control the Aedes mosquitoes," says Jay Varma, New York City's deputy commissioner for disease control.

Varma says that the chances of the Aedes mosquitoes spreading Zika around New York are low. “Still, the health department is doubling the number of pesticide treatments for larvae in wetlands this year from three to six times,” he said.

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